You can and should feel
on top of the world!

No more worry, fear, anxiety & panic attacks
Solutions for social phobia and shyness
End stress and being overwhelmed
Sleep well and improve mood
End sugar/carb cravings
What we eat,
what we don’t eat,
and what time we eat
are so important for ending anxiety!
Other considerations…
Neurotransmitter & hormonal imbalances,
Poor digestion & food intolerances,
Nutritional deficiencies,
Lifestyle changes,

If you’ve been searching for an expert in the field of nutrition and anxiety, rest assured, you’ve found her! Trudy Scott is one of Sacramento’s most valuable “Food for Mood” resources. Formerly a team member in Julia Ross’ renowned Recovery Systems in Mill Valley, CA, Trudy has brought her expertise back to our area. Trudy naturally combines her thoughtful and compassionate counseling skills with sharp intelligence and professionalism. Her style of presenting sensitive information is extremely articulate and informative. Trudy is the perfect referral source for my nutrition clients with serious anxiety and mood issues.

Lisa Bryant, M.A., SLP, ABP, NE – Holistic Nutritionist



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