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Amino Acid Anxiety/Mood and Sugar Cravings/Emotional Eating Questionnaire and how to boost serotonin and GABA naturally

  • Anxiety/Mood issues together with cravings and emotional eating, can be a sign of imbalanced brain chemistry and/or nutrient deficiencies.

  • But they can often be very easily corrected with the use of targeted amino acids, so you can start to feel calm and happy right away. This gives my clients hope and motivation to figure out other factors that may be contributing to their anxiety and/or panic attacks and feelings of overwhelm.

  • You’ll also be able to switch off cravings with no willpower required and you won't feel deprived. Stress eating will just become a non-issue, and you won't be drawn to sugar and carbs. You'll be able to take it or leave it! Really!

  • This quiz covers all the categories: low blood sugar, low serotonin, low GABA, low endorphins and low catecholamines.

  • Many of my anxious clients really resonate with the symptoms of low serotonin (anxiety in the head) and low GABA (anxiety in the body).

  • So we dig deeper into some tips for boosting serotonin and GABA naturally so you can feel calm in your body, relaxed and free from overwhelm, and switch off the obsessive ruminating thinking.

Pyroluria questionnaire

Pyroluria is a social anxiety condition that responds really well to a few key nutrients. Once you find the correct combination and amount, you may find yourself to be a social butterfly and even less introverted. It’s more common that you would expect and you can use this questionnaire to figure out if this may be a factor in your anxiety.

Targeted individual amino acids for eliminating anxiety: practical applications by Trudy Scott, CN, Host of the Anxiety Summit, Food Mood expert and nutritionist

  • Glutamine: how it’s calming and helps with blood sugar balancing
  • GABA: how it eases physical tension
  • Tryptophan: how it eases anxiety in the head/busy ruminations (and when not to use 5-HTP)
  • DPA and tyrosine: how they help you quit the comfort-eating and coffee
  • Precautions when using individual amino acids
  • Factors that make them more effective and factors that make them less effective

How zinc and vitamin B6 prevent pyroluria and social anxiety by Trudy Scott, CN, Host of the Anxiety Summit, Food Mood expert and nutritionist

  • What is this social anxiety called pyroluria; what are the symptoms
  • What is the nutritional protocol
  • The introversion connection to pyroluria
  • Dystonia and other related conditions
  • Pyroluria and fear of public speaking

The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free by Dr. Hyla Cass, M.D. board-certified in psychiatry and integrative medicine and the author of Natural Highs and The Addicted Brain

  • how to recognize the signs of addiction
  • why do we become addicted and what is the connection to anxiety
  • food/carbs/sugar, caffeine, alcohol and drug addictions
  • how can we end addiction without suffering/withdrawal

And two additional special reports: 9 Great Questions Women Ask About Food, Mood and their Health and 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Anxiety Now

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Trudy Scott, Food Mood Expert and Certified Nutritionist
Author, The Antianxiety Food Solution

Food Mood Expert Trudy Scott is a certified nutritionist on a mission to educate and empower anxious individuals worldwide about natural solutions for anxiety, stress and emotional eating. Trudy serves as a catalyst in bringing about life enhancing transformations that start with the healing powers of eating real whole food, using individually targeted supplementation and making simple lifestyle changes. She works primarily with women but the information she offers works equally well for men and children.

Trudy also presents nationally to nutrition and mental health professionals on food and mood, sharing all the recent research and how-to steps so they too can educate and empower their clients and patients.

Trudy is past president of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals. She was recipient of the 2012 Impact Award and served as a Special Advisor to the Board of Directors for many years. Trudy is a member of Alliance for Addiction Solutions and Anxiety and Depression Association of America. She was a nominee for the 2015 Scattergood Innovation Award and is a faculty advisor at Hawthorn University.

Trudy is the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood and End Cravings (New Harbinger 2011) and host of The Anxiety Summit.

Trudy is passionate about sharing the powerful food mood connection because she experienced the results first-hand, finding complete resolution of her anxiety and panic attacks.

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“For 40 years I have thought of food in only two ways: Food that makes you fat...and food that doesn't make you fat. I have finally begun to see the profound effect that food has on my emotions and over all happiness. This shouldn't shock me...but it does. And for the first time I am realizing that is what's most important! I am finally starting to think about how food "makes me feel" rather than how food 'makes me look'.”

Lisa McDonell
Techie Virtual Assistant + Virtual Assistant Strategy Coach

“Trudy Scott is awesome! After years of dealing with my challenging health issues, and many other bright health care providers, Trudy was the one to give me relief and solutions. She gave me the hope of having a normal, healthy life again. I was ready to give up and Trudy changed my life. The breadth of her knowledge, resourcefulness, compassion and caring sets her apart. Trudy is a treasure.”

Mary Adams, Sacramento CA

“when GABA was introduced, the panic attacks disappeared”

“I also found that I have pyroluria so once I had introduced the nutrients I could stand up and speak in front of a crowd without having that terrible gut feeling and panic”

“I still am amazed at how quickly the panic attacks, binge eating, and mood swings disappeared.”

Meme Grant
GAPS Practitioner, Nutritional Therapist, FNTP,
(she did the Amazing Aminos for Emotional Eating group program and saw anxiety, mood and emotional eating benefits)

At the end of the program: “It's hard now to remember how anxious I really was but I do know it was bad as I have my (food mood) logs to prove it!”

Tamara Wong
(she also did the Amazing Aminos for Emotional Eating group program and saw anxiety and emotional eating benefits)
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